And a follow-up!

I posted a response to the blogger who had first advertised the hunt prize “given” (and I use the term loosely) by the owner of Paddy’s; I didn’t expect a response, but I got one. And the woman (When I first cussed about this in the other entry I was under the mistaken impression it was a guy who owned the store) is actually up to less good than I originally thought. Check out this excerpt from his response:

“…a designer told me she puts decoys to keep people in her store as long as possible to get her traffic ranking up. I told her, hunters wouldn’t like hearing that, she insinuated she didn’t do hunts for new customers anyway but only to get better traffic rankings and that hunters would get her prize as reward in the end. I think it’s cheap, at least they had to pay us real money for camping, seems some designers found a way around the ban on camping for manipulating traffic rankings.”

I have to admit, I love this kind of truthful, candid response.

So, in the spirit in which the owner of that crappy store decided to treat her customers – I give you a new SL Award: ‘The Shamed Weasel’
Happily given to the owner of Paddy’s – The store that can’t be bothered with you, or any other customer as long as you’re hanging out making her crappy store look like people actually shop there.
*Bells, whistles, confetti*


Let’s start with a pet peeve …

… and then I’ll find something nice to say.

This post was inspired this morning by a shop in SL (Paddy’s) that’s participating in a couple of hunts this time around.
Unfortunately, the owner has fallen prey to the ‘Aren’t I Cute?’ syndrome of hunt participants: The few, the shamed, the ones who stock their store with ‘dummy’ hunt icons to ‘throw you off’ and ‘keep you searching’.

Guess what? It doesn’t keep me searching.
After waiting for over 20 minutes for your over-primmed store to rez, and then dealing with the lag … then the search .. then to come up with a ‘dummy’ icon, it’s contents saying ‘You’ve been fooled! Keep looking! It’s worth it!’ – This isn’t cute.
It’s a waste of my time. And it absolutely, without question, will land you on the ‘Don’t spend lindens here’ list. It’ll also land you on the ‘Mock you to my friends, so they know not to waste their time in your store’ list.

Think guys don’t have them? We do. And some of us actually talk to each other.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t compete for the ‘Aren’t I Cute?’ award.

You ain’t that cute.